IMPACT - Barnana

We are on a mission to eliminate food waste on organic banana farms. When fresh bananas have scuffs, are a little too ripe, or aren’t the perfect size - they are rejected for export outside of the country.

According to the World Resources Institute, about 56% of all food wasted in Latin America happens before ever reaching distribution. In a region where over 70% of the food that is produced is exported, this leaves a massive amount of bananas left behind to rot.

This is what has inspired us to upcycle those bananas and turn them into Barnana.

You can do your part, too!

According to, 40% of all food in the United States is wasted. That’s 40% too high if you ask us. That would be like going to the grocery store, buying 5 bags full of groceries, and throwing away 2 full bags between leaving the store and walking to your car. You would never do that, but you actually do in a way. is a great resource for how you can make a difference on our fight against food waste. It has a "Guest-imator" so you can estimate the best amounts of food for your next dinner party, a "Meal Prep Mate" to help you plan your meals more efficiently, it also provides tips, recipes, and more.

Check it out and let us know how you are doing your part in eliminating food waste.