Regenerative Agriculture and Why We Care - Barnana


regenerative agriculture

Now that the world has seen for itself what happens when we stray too far from sustainable farming practices, interest in regenerative agriculture is surging around the world. A new generation of farmers is working to improve soil health and water quality, protect our natural resources, promote biodiversity and fight climate change using time-proven regenerative farming practices. 

The modern regenerative farming movement relies heavily on many generations of accumulated (and too often ignored) wisdom about the land and our place on it. It often involves undoing the harm caused by an industrial agricultural system focused solely on production, at enormous cost to the health of the complex chain of life surrounding it. From the depletion and erosion of our soils, to the pollution of our water by chemical runoff, the way Big Ag has been growing our food is neither healthy nor sustainable.

The good news is that regenerative agriculture comes naturally to Indigenous farmers. It’s what they’ve been doing since time immemorial – working in concert with the natural world to safeguard the health of their families, communities and ecosystems. Supporting Indigenous farmers and sharing the fruit of their labors with concerned consumers has given Barnana the opportunity to participate in the urgent work of realigning our agriculture systems, healing our wounded planet, and creating a more sustainable future.