Nana’s Story - Barnana

Nana’s Story


Meet Nana! She’s that mischievous little spider monkey you’ve noticed swinging from our logo and playfully peering out at you from our packaging. She was imagined for us and emerged from the brain of pioneering Brazilian street artist, Speto. His art speaks to our renegade spirit and Nana speaks to our love of nature, a match made in snack heaven!

Spider monkeys live in the jungle in South and Central America. They are protected in Ecuador, which is where our organic bananas and organic plantains come from! Monkeys like Nana prefer to eat mostly fruit and spend their days swinging from tree to tree on their super-long limbs and prehensile tail, searching for whatever tasty treat the jungle might offer.

The scientific name for the kind of spider monkey that lives in Ecuador translates to “imperfect!” Imagine, someone thinking Nana isn’t perfect just because she doesn’t have thumbs. We’re in the business of helping the world see how beautiful things labeled “imperfect” can be. She’s the PERFECT fit for us, thumbs or no.

Nana is here to share the tasty bounty of the jungle with the world and show us all how things labeled “imperfect” by the rest of the world can actually be the most wonderful and surprising.

Fun Facts:

  • Spider monkeys hug one another by wrapping their tails around each other!
  • Spider monkeys have really great memories, and always remember where they found the best fruit in the past.
  • Spider monkeys can live up to 22 years!