Our Team - Barnana

Our Team - Barnana

Our Team

When Barnana set out to make the most delicious and sustainable banana snacks in the world, it sometimes seemed like we were on our own weird little planet. But, it turns out there are plenty of other people around who are passionate about nourishing both people and the Earth! Luckily for us, we’ve managed to gather an ever-growing international bunch of passionate weirdos and, together, we’re creating the best snacks on this or any other planet! 


Meet the U.S. Barnana Bunch!

Based in Los Angeles, California, our wildly eclectic, quality-obsessed team spends all day every day turning premium organic produce from small farms in the Amazon into deliciously sustainable plantain chips, crisps and banana bites in a rainbow of irresistible flavors. Because doing our best to do things the right way -- for you, for us, for the planet we share -- is our bottom line. The Barnana Bunch: Keeping things simple.


Meet the Ecuador Team! 

The team in Quito, Ecuador is our front line in planet impact! We have direct working relationships with the local farming families who grow our delicious ingredients. To help remote farms in the Amazon get their USDA organic certifications, we provide them with administrative support and reliably pay fair prices for their premium produce. Our processing facilities on the banks of the Amazon ensure the shortest, freshest possible trip for the fruits of their labor from the jungle to you.