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Farm-To-Shelf Supply Chain

farm to shelf supply chain barnana


The journey our organic bananas and plantains make from small farms in Latin America to the shelves of your favorite grocery store is a testament to the power of partnership and commitment. 

From the moment Barnana’s founders discovered that perfectly good bananas were going to waste because local farmers couldn’t always find buyers willing to go the extra mile (often literally), we knew what our mission had to be:


  1. To source organic bananas and plantains from the many smaller, more remote and often Indigenous farms in Latin America struggling to get their produce to market.


  1. To provide our farming partners with a reliable, predictable source of income so they could improve their lives now and make plans for the future.

  1. To help other area farmers understand the advantages and implement the practices that would enable them to transition to organic farming.

  1. To honor our commitments and grow our partnerships in ways that are good for the people, products and planet we all care so much about. 

That’s the promise we made to ourselves and our partners. And we’re sticking to it.