Polina Carlson Q & A - Barnana

We were lucky to catch up with champion distance runner Polina Carlson and ask her how she Barnanas!



When was the first time you had Barnana?

I probably was a monkey in my past life! :) I absolutely love bananas! I like chewy bite-sized snacks, and I especially like just about anything that comes covered in peanut butter. So when I discovered Barnana last year, I thought I’d give them a try. I love that Barnana is real food that is easy to carry and eat. All natural ingredients, it's just peanut butter, water, and dehydrated bananas. So simple! It provides me with a mix of carb and protein that I have found sits well in my stomach while exercising. It tastes amazing and it's a challenge...not eating entire bag in one sitting!



Can you tell us about how and when you eat Barnana snacks? 

As a distance runner, I have to replace thousands of calories, and with Barnana I know I’m putting in the goods! I always eat Barnana before and after my workouts. It’s a snack I can feel good about eating. Because I feel better when I eat better, both on and off the road.

I constantly keep a supply of Barnana bites in my backpack for a meal replacement or a snack in between meals. I travel often (17 times per year with overnight stays) and I never leave home without a supply of Barnana in my bag. Barnana bites are an excellent source of energy! I find them absolutely indispensable in terms of a healthy snack be it as a substitute for a part of my breakfast, food on the go while working out in a gym, recovery food after my runs or just in general as a healthy dessert. For a sweet tooth person like me, this is a genuine lifesaver!


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What's your favorite flavor of Barnana snack?

I love all the Barnana flavors but my favorite is Peanut Butter! It’s very addicting! Wait, why is the bag empty all of the sudden?! :)