Plantain Crisps - 5oz Garlic - Barnana


Garlic lovers rejoice!

What do you get when you marry the delicious goodness of simple, organic plantain crisps with the aromatic, irresistible flavor of garlic? your tounge's new favorite flavor.

What Is It About Plantain Crisps?

Lovingly prepared with the finest simple ingredients, our deliciously crispy tostones turn an authentic tradition into a plantain sensation! Organic green plantains, gently cooked in 100% organic coconut oil and lightly sprinkled with sea salt, these golden crisps will melt in your mouth (and melt your heart)! Responsible snacking never tasted so good.


4 Simple Ingredients:

Organic Green Plantains, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Garlic, Sea Salt

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